"INSURANCE FRAUD- THE CRIME YOU PAY FOR"-coalition against insurance fraud

According to the Coalition against Insurance Fraud, insurance fraud costs insurers $80 billion dollars per year. The cost is then passed onto insured and the general public, in other words, You! If you own a car, you are paying approximately

$300 per year due to fraudulent claims.

HIC established a SIU (Special Investigations Unit) in 2002 to combat insurance fraud in the transportation industry. We are a department consisting of investigators with many years investigative and law enforcement experience. We are dedicated to the fight against fraudulent insurance claims. We are regularly in contact with the NYPD as well as all federal, state and local law enforcement agencies in our pursuit of fraud. In our collaborative effort, we are making progress in uncovering fraudulent insurance claims. How can you assist in this cause?

Contact us with any questions, comments, or tips at 1-866-HEREFORD.
To contact the New York State Insurance Department Frauds Unit dial: 1-888-FRAUDNY.

By working together, we can combat the CRIME we all pay for!

links: http://www.ins.state.ny.us