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App Based CompaniesAlso known as Rideshare Companies or Transportation Network Companies, we insure them all (including Via, Uber, Lyft, Juno, Gett) in New York!

Black Car ServicesBlack cars provide pre-arranged, contracted service, typically through smartphone app or agreements with corporate clients. Vehicles must be affiliated with and dispatched by a black car base or dispatch service provider.  Black car vehicles are inspected by the NYC TLC once every two years.

Community Car Services (Livery)
A non-medallion four door private passenger vehicle, other than a black car, seating six or less, operating from an authorized TLC radio base. Community Car Service Bases provide pre-arranged transportation throughout New York City. These bases range in size from small, neighborhood-based operations, to large fleet-type companies that provide citywide service.

Luxury Limousine Services
A non-medallion luxury four door sedan seating six or less, other than BLACK CAR, dispatched by a two-way radio or computer, operating from an authorized and licensed Taxi and Limousine Commission ( TLC ) radio base, and accepting vouchers, cash, or corporate accounts. Luxury Limousine Bases provide pre-arranged premium transportation to clients throughout New York City.

Yellow Medallion Taxicabs
Yellow Medallion Taxicabs are the official taxis of New York City. There are currently about 14,000 licensed taxicabs and they provide transportation for passengers via street hails. Medallion Taxicab Drivers face a unique set of requirements in order to be licensed to drive a yellow taxicab.  Yellow taxicabs are inspected by the NYC TLC 3 times per year.

Street Hail Liveries (Green Cabs)Street Hail Liveries began providing additional street-hail service in Northern Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island in 2013.  Street hails, e-hails, or pre-arranged service in the outer boroughs and Manhattan above East 96th Street and West 110th Street. SHL vehicles are inspected by the NYC TLC twice per year.

Paratransit Services
Paratransit vehicles often provide transportation for medically related purposes. Vehicles must be dispatched by a paratransit base.  Most of the service takes individuals to and from health care facilities.